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Hawaii Solar & Window Cleaning Company (formerly Hawaii Solar Cleaning Co.) is a local and family owned business located in Hilo, Hawaii. We provide professional solar and window cleaning for residential and commercial properties on the Big Island.

Hawaii Solar & Window Cleaning Co. is fully insured and accredited with the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org).

Mike Mabuni is the owner of Hawaii Solar & Window Cleaning Co. He is a Nikkei-Yonsei (Fourth Generation Japanese American). Mike is a Christian, Husband and Father of 3 girls.  


We Clean Your Solar Panels the Right Way.

We use deionized water and a soft nylon brush to clean your solar panels. *Never use a pressure washer, chemicals or soaps to clean your solar panels.

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Hawaii Solar & Window Cleaning Co.

Why hIre Hawaii Solar & Window Cleaning Co.?

  • We are an owner-operated company. Our customers trust Mike on their property and in their homes. Mike is a true professional and is obsessed with providing the best service and results. 

  • Satisfied Customers. We are a "Five Star" Rated Business. Please take the time too read our "real" reviews on this page and on our Yelp and Facebook Page.

  • Accredited A+ Business with the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org).

  • Commercial Liability Insurance with First Insurance, Noguchi & Associates.
Why is insurance important?
If damage occurred to your home by a contractor, or an injury on your property you could easily be held responsible. Always ask for proof of insurance.

Are you insured?
Yes, Hawaii Solar & Window Cleaning Co. is fully insured. We can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI).
Yes. Contact us for a free quote.

Commercial Projects usually will require an on-site estimate.
Yes! We offer a 10% "Bundle Discount" if you have your solar panels & windows are cleaned on the same day.
We use deionized water and a soft nylon bristled brush to clean solar panels. Never use a pressure washer to clean your solar panels!  

For commercial jobs we use a water-powered rotary brush which uses a power washer to propel the brush.  
Rain fall will provide a rinse of loose dirt or dust. However, it will not remove mold and mildew that is common on the Big Island.

It is recommended to be clean solar panel twice a year. It also depends on your budget, the micro-climate of your home, the pitch of your roof and other factors like birds, salt spray, volcanic ash, dirt roads, trees, and damage from pressure washing.

Some of our customers have their panels cleaned 3x/yr. while others can go as long as 2 years between cleanings.
No, you don't have to be home. We will keep you updated by SMS/Text messages and photos.  
If you have a water catchment tank then you can divert the water to your tank before we arrive. We can do this for you but cannot be held responsible for damages. Downspouts tend to get brittle over time from sun exposure. 

The short answer is emphatically “yes!”. Mike is a window cleaning specialist and is dedicated in his profession. Mike is trusted to clean the windows for the Hilo International Airport Traffic Control Tower, multi-million dollar homes and his favorite... cleaning windows for residential customers on the Big Island! 
How often should I have my windows cleaned?

For most residential homes it is recommend to have your windows and screens cleaned 2x/yr.

For our customers with oceanfront rentals we clean them once a month and Mike also cleans the windows at the Hilo International Airport's Traffic Control Tower once a month!
Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my window cleaning appointment?

If you are having your exterior windows and screens cleaned (no interior window cleaning) then we recommend removing the screens and placing them outside next to the window it came from. Most modern screens are removed from the inside. We will replace the screens from the outside. If you have older style screens that are removed from the outside then we will remove them.

If you are having your interior windows cleaned then we recommended moving furniture about 2-3 ft. from the windows. We can move heavier items for you. Please also put away items that are fragile like vases that can be knocked over.

Professionally cleaned windows really shouldn’t spot if it rains. Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain.  

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